We are very proud to present the latest member of the Latfro Family, DJ Chineegro.

Born and based in Cologne, the roots of the 21-year-old are Congolese.
You can hear the influences in his sound selection which also defines his character.

Chineegro has been exposed to music for his entire life. At a young age he got influenced by the Soul, Funk and Roots Vinyl selection of his parents and music videos on MTV & Viva Television.

As the time passed by, he started to create his own Playlists on his MP3 devices.


As a teenanger, he started to develop his production skills, what started as a hobby created more and more noise, so that his friends encouraged him to consider this as his profession.

Eventually, in 2016 he started his career by CO-Founding the party concept SAUCE and hitting the decks at his own party.
The concept which started as urban house party, developed to be a full success and made it to the clubs.

His DJ sound is urban, yet extremely modern and high in demand: With an Afro Beat / Dancehall based selection, Chineegro manages to merge ethnic uptempo music with Hip Hop, Baile Funk and UK Sound. His musical journey also takes trips to the House, Dance and Grime genre, making his set a unique and powerful experience.

This is the beginning of Chinegro’s success story.

After only 2 years in the game, DJ Chineegro has already found his way in to the hottest venues of Cologne, such as Reineke Fuchs, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld, Helios 37 and many more. This definitely speaks for itself. He knows how to catch a crowd, keep their attention and lead them through a musical journey, full of joy, height and euphoria.

We are looking forward to our common future and all the locations we’re about to take over.


Welcome to Latfro.