If they only had known!

Raising a DJ talent just by letting him sneak into their rooms while they were listening to the Hip Hop, R´n`B and Soul sounds of the late 80ies and early 90ies.

His brothers can be proud of themselves to be the ones who gave the little six year old Yonatan his interest for music. The great world of NWA, Public Enemy, Queen Latifah and more.
These influences explain his deep passion for old school R&B and Hip Hop music.

But not only his brothers introduced him to the great world of music, his parents made him fall in love with Sam Cook, Marvin Gaye and The Temptations by spinning their vinyls every night in the living room.
And these are just a few to mention.

These were the early moments in the career of DJ Bless, that made it clear, that he didn’t only want to listen to music, he wanted to be a part of it!
With this knowledge, he saved up all of the money he could get and spent it on buying DJ equipment and vinyls.

The very first LP he was able to buy and enjoy at every possible moment, was “Nineteen Naughty Three” by the legendary Naughty by Nature.
This was the beginning of a huge Vinyl Collection. His collection was so big and his DJ Skills were developing well, so that his brothers thought it’s the right time to present the new talent to an audience.
In 2003 DJ Bless performed at this huge party and was able to rock the crowd and make it a night to remember.

A couple of months later, DJ Bless was able to go on tour and spin all over germany.
This helped him to have a great selection of music, but he wanted more. This is when he subscribed himself in the Noisy Stylus’ renowned “Battle Scene” master classes.
By developing his DJ Skills mixed with his great musical knowledge, DJ Bless was able to establish his unique style.

The following year were full of success with highlights of being the Resident DJ at B-9 in Koblenz, Nike Battle Ground Tour Party  in 2005 and the BBC All Star Game Party in 2006, which got him international recognition.

Amazed by the great performance level, the NBA decided to book DJ Bless as the one and only official DJ for the european NBA tour, getting him gigs for Adidas and the NBA itself.
This allowed him to conquer major cities like Rome, Madrid, Istanbul, Moscow and many more.

After 5 years of touring the world as a DJ, Bless was again motivated to make the next moves. During his time on tour, he was able to see a lot of clubs, parties and concepts, which allowed him to work on his own party concept.
In december of 2008, he launched the very first “Funk You!” Party, which became a legendary Old School Party, that united the various styles of music that influenced Yonatan since the early 80s.

A couple of months later, in 2009, he decided to build a solid ground on which he could anchor his growing business.
DJ Bless matriculated himself into the University of Cologne as a major in business management.

Now, 16 years after his debut as DJ, DJ Bless is a well established Party & concert promoter with several Party Labels such as “Funk You”, “Brown Sugar”, “Mixtape 30+ Hip Hop Party” and many more.

And the party still continues….